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How do you get DHX tokens from the Block Reward?#

Participants in the community that secure the DataHighway by staking DHX tokens on a node as a Collator or Nominator have a chance of being rewarded with a proportion of the Block Reward, which is funded by 70% of the total supply of DHX tokens available at the genesis block.

How do you get DHX tokens from the DHX DAO's Unlocked Reserves?#

Additional Mining Speed Boost bonus rewards multipliers on top of the Block Reward may be received by participating in Token Mining or Hardware Mining, which involves either making a commitment not to move their holding of a supported cryptocurrency, or ensuring the their IoT hardware remains online for a period of time.

It will be governed by stakeholders in the IoT community that are rewarded with incentives to stake their DHX tokens on the DHX Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

The DHX DAO Unlocked Reserves that will be governed by the DHX DAO Treasury will be funded by the remaining 30% of the total supply of DHX tokens at the genesis block and other ongoing fees. These funds will be used to reward Proof of Participation by users in governance, mining, and roaming.