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Validator Nodes

Why become a DataHighway Validator?#

The DataHighway Testnet uses Nominated Proof of Stake (NPos) consensus, where validators stake DHX tokens to validate transactions and blocks to secure the blockchain. Validator nodes that receive the Block Reward may optionally share a proportion of it with other accounts that staked tokens to nominated them.

When the DataHighway Testnet becomes a Parachain on the Polkadot network, then the validators will become known instead as Collators.

How do you become a DataHighway Validator Node?#

Please follow the Setup Validator Node tutorial.

Why become a DataHighway Nominator?#

Nominators may receive a proportion of the Block Reward that Validator Nodes they nominate may receive. The Mining Speed Boost multiplier that eligible Token Miners or Hardware Miners may claim may be used to receive a higher Block Reward. Nominating is less involved than becoming a Validator.

How do you become a DataHighway Nominator?#

Not yet available. Please start with an Validator Node.